Host a screening in the U.K. or Norway

We make it very easy for you to host your own film screening event.

If you're in the UK or Norway, we are excited to share our film with your community and offer you a screening licence at no cost if this is event is free to the public (or at a small fee if you sell tickets). We are here to help you bring the film to your film club, educational institution, church, arts venue, community centre, place of work, or any space where you would like to show the film and kick-off a discussion about our energy future. Over 230 events have already taken place since November 2022.

A licence must be requested and confirmed in advance before you advertise your event. Only the authorised version of the film sent to you by us can be shown. 

Please send us your request through the form below.

Screening Licence Terms & Conditions

As well as the screening licence, we'll provide you with promotional materials, a customisable press kit, and a discussion guide for hosting a conversation After THE OIL MACHINE. 

Resources for Hosts

Simply use this form to tell us what you have in mind, and we'll talk.

Will you help?