Single Screening Licence Agreement

If you're in the UK or Norway, we are excited to share our film with your community and offer you a screening licence at no cost if this is event is free to the public (or at a small fee if you sell tickets). 

What is a Screening Licence?

Your group will need a Single Screening Licence to show THE OIL MACHINE in public (but not in a cinema), for example:

  • at one-off events
  • at film clubs
  • in community or entertainment venues

The film is copyrighted material which is owned by the filmmakers. The licence gives you permission to show the film in public at your event. 

Separately, your venue may require other licences or permits to hold events. This may depend on your local authority. Please ask your venue for guidance or reach out directly to your local authority.

To learn more about the requirements of film screening licences in the UK, visit the Independent Cinema Office ‘What licences do I need?

Regional Screen Scotland also has handy checklists for hosting and licensing screenings, much of which applies wherever you are in the UK.

Step 1: Contact Us to request a booking

The team at Film & Campaign Ltd. manages all aspects of the licence for your screening. We are your first point of contact at [email protected] or phone +44 (0)131 460 1600.

Book your screening event by contacting us and include the proposed date(s) of the showings and location. We aim to get back to you within two working days.

Please do not advertise anything until you have received a confirmation back.

Step 2: Agree to this Screening Licence Agreement

Community screening hosts are required to abide by this short Agreement which is to be confirmed by an authorised representative for the organisation/group presenting the screening. Confirmation via email signifies agreement to the conditions set out here.

Free community screening licences intended for not-for-profit organisations such as environmental groups, village halls, arts centres, and other charitable bodies. We regret that this free licence is not available to private profit-making organisations or ones established for commercial purpose. For that, a different type of licence is required from the rightsholders and has fees involved. Please contact us if you need to check your status in this regard.

Please also contact us directly if you are a school and interested in an Educational Licence for classroom use.

THE OIL MACHINE Single Screening Licence Terms & Conditions

The team at Film & Campaign Ltd. will do the following for you:

  • Email you a formal confirmation of your booking. 
  • Grant you a free Single Screening Licence of THE OIL MACHINE for non-commercial use.
  • Send you a link to download a digital file of the film for your screening (high quality file from Google Drive or Vimeo). DVDs of the film are available but need to be booked separately and have associated costs - please contact us for details.
  • Send additional digital resources for your screening, such as the Promotional Kit and Discussion Guide.
  • List your event on our Events calendar at and social media channels. We are not responsible for advertising and promoting your event locally.
  • Aim to respond immediately to any queries you have about bookings and be available at reasonable times by email or phone to offer you support with any aspect of your booking.

In return, you agree to:

  • Make film bookings as far in advance of your event date as possible, ideally with a minimum of two weeks notice.
  • Offer the screening as a free community event open to the general public with tickets offered at no charge.
  • Have your event information published on our website calendar and social media channels.
  • Notify us immediately of any event cancellation or date change.
  • Use only the authorised version of the film sent to you to download by Film & Campaign Ltd. 
  • Destroy the downloaded digital file of the film immediately after the screening. This is copyrighted material and cannot be copied or shared with a third party or used for any other purpose other than your agreed screening.
  • Comply with the standard conditions applicable to public film shows (for example adherence to the film’s 'PG' classification from the BBFC).
  • Contact us if you have an issue or query arising from your booking. Screening licences are handled by Film & Campaign Ltd. on behalf of the production company. The film is licensed to you by Sonja Henrici Creates Ltd. Contact us if you have any query about your booking or if anyone asks for proof that you have a screening licence.
  • This agreement covers a film copyright licence only for a single screening. It is your responsibility to ensure that your venue is licensed with the local authority for public film showing and has any required premises or entertainment licences for events. This may vary between England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and by regional area. Please check.
  • Within seven days of your event date, email to [email protected] with the number of attendees and any other event feedback (please see our post-event survey form, this will be sent to you with your confirmation).

Thank you for being part of what happens After THE OIL MACHINE.