THE OIL MACHINE: What Norway and the UK can learn from each other


Monday, 30 Oct 2023 at 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

What can stakeholders in the UK and Norway learn from each other when it comes to hotly debated issues like state control of energy companies, working conditions in the offshore industry, new oil fields like Rosebank, and the urgent need for a Just Transition?

Join us for a free online film screening of THE OIL MACHINE followed by a discussion on Monday 30th October at 18:00 (GMT) and 19:00 (CET). 

THE OIL MACHINE is an award-winning documentary that delves into the complex dynamics of North Sea oil & gas and considers how this machine can be tamed, dismantled, or repurposed. Through the voices of different stakeholders, THE OIL MACHINE explores the complexities of transitioning away from oil and gas as a society and considers how quickly we can do it. The film has successfully toured the UK and international film festivals over the past 12 months, and it has been praised as a great conversation starter.

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The film will be introduced by its director Emma Davie. After the online screening join us for a live panel discussion to explore similarities and differences in the UK’s and Norway’s approach to oil and gas, and focus on what’s needed for a just transition in Norway. With:

Jake Molloy - RMT Union (Aberdeen)

Camilla Houeland - Researcher (The Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research)

Asle Reime - National Secretary - International (Industri Energi)

Elise Tunstrom - Chief of Staff (Manifest Tankesmie)

Gabrielle Jeliazkov - Co-Author of the 'Our Power' report

Moderated by Aled D Fisher (Naturvernforbundet)

This online event will mark the launch of a series of in-person screenings and discussions across Norway in November in collaboration with Broen til framtiden (“Bridge to the future”). 


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THE OIL MACHINE: Hva Norge og Storbritannia kan lære av hverandre om olje og gass

Hva kan vi i Storbritannia og Norge lære av hverandre når det kommer til svært omdiskuterte spørsmål som statlig eierskap av energiselskaper, arbeidsforhold i offshoreindustrien, nye oljefelt som Rosebank og det økende behovet for en rettferdig omstilling av petroleumsindustrien?

Bli med ​​på en gratis online filmvisning av THE OIL MACHINE etterfulgt av en panelsamtale, mandag 30. oktober, kl. 18 (GMT) og 19 (CET).

THE OIL MACHINE er en prisvinnende dokumentarfilm som tar opp de kompliserte temaene knyttet til olje og gass i Nordsjøen i Storbritannia og drøfter hvordan oljemaskinen kan temmes og omstilles til noe annet. Gjennom stemmene til ulike interesser utforsker THE OIL MACHINE de vanskeligste utfordringene ved omstillingen vekk fra olje og gass og diskuterer hvor raskt vi kan få det til. Filmen har vært på turné i Storbritannia og internasjonale filmfestivaler de siste 12 månedene, og den har fått ros for å legge opp til en god debatt om framtiden til olje- og gassindustrien.

Filmen vil bli introdusert av regissøren Emma Davie. Etter den digitale filmvisningen kan du bli med på en panelsamtale om likheter og forskjeller mellom Storbritannias og Norges tilnærming til olje og gass, og hva som trengs for en rettferdig omstilling i Norge. Med:

Jake Molloy - RMT, fagforening som organiserer i olje- og gassnæringen i Skottland

Camilla Houeland – forsker ved Fafo

Asle Reime - Industri Energi

Elise Tunstrom -  Manifest Analyse

Gabrielle Jeliazkov - 'Our Power'

Moderert av Aled D Fisher (Naturvernforbundet)

Dette digitale arrangementet lanserer en serie med fysiske filmvisninger og panelsamtaler over hele Norge i november i samarbeid med Broen til framtiden.


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Coming up...

THE OIL MACHINE at Extinction Rebellion Madrid

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023 at 7:30 PM
Cineforum Rebelde in Madrid, Spain (on Google Maps)

Cineforum Rebelde - Special screening for COP28: The Oil Machine, directed by Emma Davie

Join Extinction Rebellion Madrid for the screening of the documentary The Oil Machine. Prior to the screening there will be a short talk about achievements from previous Conferences of the Parties and the goals set for COP28.

Talk at 19:00, film screening at 19:30.

UK Parliament, Westminster

Monday, 04 Dec 2023 at 6:00 PM
Attlee Suite, Portcullis House in London, United Kingdom (on Google Maps)

  • Drinks and snacks will be provided from 6pm.
  • The programme will run from 6.30pm till 8.00pm.
  • Opportunity for more informal networking thereafter.

The event is hosted by Nadia Whittome MP in collaboration with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change.

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The award-winning documentary THE OIL MACHINE raises the question if we can break our addiction to oil and gas. Independently produced and co-funded by BBC Scotland and Screen Scotland, the film has won international acclaim at some of the world’s most significant documentary festivals. Across the UK, the film has been shown at more than 180 events to date – many of them hosted by groups who use the film as a tool to spark discussion and instigate action in their own communities. As we speak, the film is also being released in the United States and Norway.

THE OIL MACHINE, directed by Emma Davie, is praised for offering an immersive experience of a highly complex issue, using a multi-stakeholder approach. The film brings together the voices of oil company executives, trade unions, climate scientists, historians, economists, investors, lawyers and young people. This sets it apart from other, more advocacy-focused videos, and has made it an ideal tool to start conversations between different interest groups.

We are inviting Members of Parliament, peers, their staff, and other policymakers in Westminster to get a taste of the acclaimed film through a selection of clips, and to hear directly from the stakeholders who are at the frontline of the struggle to find solutions to what’s arguably the most urgent issue of our times. Key people featured in the film will join us on the night, giving MPs the opportunity to meet and discuss with them:

  • Ann Pettifor, Economist and Author, Prime Economics
  • Jake Molloy, Just Transition team, RMT Union
  • Tessa Khan, Climate Lawyer, Uplift
  • James Marriott, Author and Campaigner, Platform London
  • Guy Prince, Senior Oil & Gas Analyst, Carbon Tracker

While taking a multi-stakeholder approach, the documentary makes it clear that we need to act urgently. Sir David King, the UK’s former Chief Scientific Advisor and Special Representative for Climate Change, says in the film: “I believe that what we do over the next five years will determine the future of humanity for the next millennium.”

So against the backdrop of COP28, we will ask the rather urgent question: “Is the North Sea out of our control?”

The panel will be hosted by writer Jen Stout, who has been reporting from the frontiers of oil (Shetland) and the frontlines of war (Ukraine), always with an emphasis on the human experience. A former BBC journalist, she freelances for outlets like The London Review of Books, Prospect and New Humanist. Her debut book Night Train to Odesa comes out in May 2024.

Please note this is a private event, by invitation only. The RSVP form below is only intended for MPs and peers, their staff, and a number of external invitees. Any unauthorised RSVPs will be cancelled. Please RSVP by 28 November.

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon

Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023 at 7:00 PM
Quaker Meeting House in Bradford on Avon , United Kingdom (on Google Maps)

Screening of the film The Oil Machine followed by discussion facilitated by Cassie & Nick Aslett. Emma Davie’s documentary captures how oil-based products are deeply embedded in our economy and the environmental impact of its ceaseless extraction.

At the Quaker Meeting House, Whiteheads Lane, BA15 1JU. Come and watch the film and join Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon in the discussion. Please bring cash donation towards room hire. Doors open from 6.30pm.

More info here.