Sir David King

  • "I believe that what we do over the next five years will determine the future of humanity for the next millennium."
  • He was the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor 2000-2007 and Special Representative for Climate Change 2013-2017. He has published over 500 papers on science and policy and founded the Cambridge Centre for Climate Repair. He currently chairs the Climate Crisis Advisory Group
  • Sir David fears that, on current trends, drastic reductions in emissions will only follow the collapse of the global economy. Instead, he argues, we need a new system to manage human well-being alongside ecosystem wellbeing.

Portrait of Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson

  • An engineer who used to work in the oil machine, Kevin holds the Zennström professorship at Uppsala University and is chair of energy and climate change at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is a former Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. He is a collaborator on Climate Uncensored and contributer to Greta Thunberg's The Climate Book.
  • Kevin believes that the oil machine is now engaged in ‘greenwashing’ to prevent meaningful action: "I think the oil industry has been disingenuous from the beginning on climate change and continues to be today."
  • He argues that the UK’s record on climate to date is unimpressive and counterproductive: "We should not sit back and rest on our laurels because we don’t have any laurels to rest on."