Oil Workers


Jake Molloy

  • Worked in the oil machine for forty years and is now the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union’s regional organiser based in Aberdeen. 
  • He has fought for better pay and conditions offshore for decades: "There is probably no-one better qualified to run the rule over industry safety and the often uncomfortable road which it has travelled." (Energy Voice). 
  • Jake accepts that the oil and gas industry needs a Just Transition, but worries that opportunities to build new industries onshore in decommissioning and renewable supply chains are being missed: "that’s my biggest fear — where is this transition and when’s it happening?"

Portrait of Ewan Gibbs from the film

Ewan Gibbs

  • A historian who has studied the role of energy workers across coal, oil and gas, and nuclear industries and the communities and cultures that they sustain. 
  • Wants the labour, supply chains and environmental impact of the oil machine to be more visible: "The assumption is that energy will be cheap and abundant and there’s not very much thought about where that comes from."
  • Old ideas about the affluence associated with the oil machine are out of date, but oil is still "an iconic part of Scotland’s historic cultural and social landscape."