Educational Use

THE OIL MACHINE is now available for screenings within your school, university, or other organisation.

For any use in the U.S. and Canada, please book the film through the website of Bullfrog Films.

For educational or organisational use in other territories, you can order the film directly from its producers at Sonja Henrici Creates Ltd.

Rates vary depending on whether you're looking at one-off public events or for more general use inside your institution. 

Rates for events

The following rates apply to single screenings depending on your expected audience size: 

People in audience GBP (plus VAT where applicable)
1 to 50 £100
51 to 100 £200
101 to 200 £350
201 to 350 £550
351 to 500 £750
from 501 POA

You are welcome to charge admission to the event and keep all proceeds.

Licence for institutional use

You can purchase an educational licence to use THE OIL MACHINE in a classroom or library.
You will receive a digital copy of the film and access to our promotional resources.

With this licence, you can add the film to your collection and use it for educational purposes, but you may not copy or reproduce it, rent or sell it, or use it in public events. 

Pricing in the UK and across Europe: £200 + VAT where applicable.

For other countries please ask us.

Simply please place your order via email with the producer, [email protected]

A discussion guide is available for free here:

Discussion guide